FTI is closely affiliated with a rapidly growing American company that has over 400 financial institutions as customers and over 6 million registered users.

FinTech Innovation Canada, the Vancouver-based R&D partner and sales/support arm of a major American fintech provider, provides a broad range of solutions for Canadian banks and credit unions.

Our fast-growing primary partner in the USA has over 400 financial institution clients and over 6 million registered users of its various solutions.

As our name implies, FinTech Innovation Canada focuses on inventing a better mousetrap for financial institutions. We understand the competitive pressure to innovate rapidly both as a means to drive down costs and as a strategy for growth.  FTI is driven to provide you the innovation you need: quickly, at scale, consistently, and securely.

Our products and services are wrapped into a partnership model that prioritizes customer feedback to ensure that we are not just at the forefront of technology, but we are solving the most important problems to solve and doing so with the necessary tools to compete and grow in the increasing flat and global marketplace.

Our machine learning team and our work with AWS serverless technologies and FAAS (function as a service) architectures position our development efforts to drive development of new and valuable solutions with maximum efficiency for a scalable and extensible result.

Our Team

FTI is continuously growing and hiring. Please contact our recruiters at [email protected] or visit our Careers page to find out about our exciting opportunities.

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