Mobile Finance Manager (MFM)

Ask any of our employees why the mobile channel is so crucial for financial institution success and you’ll quickly learn how enthusiastic we are about mobile-first innovation. That’s why we say Access Softek is mobile-first and A.I. everywhere.

Since 2004, Mobile Finance Manager (MFM for short) has integrated three key mobile banking technologies: native downloadable apps, mobile-optimized web, and SMS. This triple-play approach may be an industry standard now, but Access Softek was the first to offer it. It’s not the first time we were instrumental in changing the digital banking landscape. It won’t be the last.

Along the way, we’ve constantly evolved (and will never sunset) MFM to include the latest innovations in mobile technology: we allow your members to deposit checks and pay bills with their camera, manage their cards from anywhere, move money on many different rails, get rich insight into their financial health with credit scores and PFM, and much more.

The best way to truly understand the innovation we can bring to your financial institution is to get a product demo. We enjoy showing our products almost as much as we enjoy making them. Please contact us to see the future of financial institutions.

Orpheus Online Banking

The next generation of online banking built by and for credit unions.

We launched Orpheus in 2014 based on conversations with our customers. Some were looking for a more modern user experience. Some wanted a faster pace of innovative features. For others, better hosting options or competitive pricing were differentiators.

Working side by side with our credit union customers (including shadowing support staff at a large call center), we built Orpheus to combine customer voices and produce a truly next-generation experience for members.

Orpheus reimagines the online banking experience from the ground up with a contemporary look and feel, innovative capabilities like biometric login from any browser, and powerfully simple core functionality like the member-favorite Transfers and Payments interface. Under the hood, there’s an Admin Tool that will make lots of friends on your support and implementation teams.

Access Softek may be a new kid on the online banking block, but that works in your favor. Our nimble code base was built for flexibility — no clunky legacy cruft here. Orpheus is new, exciting, and ready to evolve with the financial industry’s needs.

Omnichannel Lending

When your members come looking for a loan, you need to be there — with the right loan, in the right place, at the right time.

We know how important convenient, 24/7 lending is to your growth. Access Softek’s Omnichannel Lending system, part of the Four Pillars, helps you increase loans, monetize your digital channels and reach your members when they need you.

Our lending suite offers consumer lending, short-term lending, pre-approved lending, and balance transfers. It’s all built atop key strategic lending criteria and reinforced with the huge potential of artificial intelligence. It’s automatic, real-time, and pre-populated for members, so applications are lightning fast and beautifully simple.

Innovative options help you build the lending tool that best serves your membership:

  • Granular configuration options to meet your specific needs
  • End-to-end automation
  • A rules-based decision engine to drive identification of automatically eligible users
  • Deep core integration
  • Pre-approved loan rules increase your number of loans

Members will appreciate these Omnichannel Lending benefits:

  • Resume and complete unfinished applications (reducing application abandonment)
  • Pre-populated applications based on core banking system information
  • Applications are finished in only minutes
  • Loans can be funded immediately
  • Electronic signature functionality helps immediately complete the application

Case studies:

  • One client saw 111 loan applications in their first week without any marketing or promotion.
  • Another saw one million dollars of balance transfer business in its first live month.
  • 22 credit unions generated over 18,600 personal loan applications in two years.

Omnichannel Account Opening

Add new members in minutes!

Omnichannel Account Opening from Access Softek is a critical tool to grow your community across the online and mobile banking channels. Not only is it web-based, cross-channel, mobile-optimized, and built atop responsive design architecture — it also includes customizable workflows, segmentation and personalization to reach key demographics, A/B testing, cross-marketing opportunities, and secure fraud prevention tools built atop artificial intelligence. Plus, identity verification is as easy as taking a picture.

The average age of a credit union member in the U.S. is 47. Omnichannel Account Opening from Access Softek offers a solution to the aging membership problem: our very first OAO customer saw membership applications nearly quadruple with 70% of those applications coming from the mobile channel.

Features you’ll love:

  • Desktop and mobile support
  • A friendly, personalized UI that reflects your values and personality
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Mobile-focused features like a barcode reader, auto-validated ID images, and facial comparison to IDs
  • Admin tools for easy management
  • Analytics, tags, and A/B testing
  • Decisioning
  • The ability to resume incomplete applications

Case studies:

  • One credit union moved away from online-only account opening with their Access Softek OAO go-live. Their membership applications increased by 300% within two weeks. 70% of these applications were through the mobile channel, confirming the importance of omnichannel mobile-first strategies. Their mobile applications were distinctly younger than online applicants: almost half their new applicants fell into the 25-35 age range, while less than 30% of online applicants fit that demographic.
  • Mobile account opening is every bit as fast as online account opening. Data shows only a 35-second difference between channels, proving the ease and speed of anywhere, anytime applications.
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